Week 5 – 14 weeks

Walks and dogs. That’s what this week has been like! It has been brilliant! From Chihuahua’s to Boxer’s, all kinds of dogs have come to say ‘Hello’
I don’t think I will describe each day just explain interesting things that have happened in the week.

On Tuesday we booked Alfie in for a 6 week Puppy Class course. The one we were in before was a 2 week course at our local vets just to go over some basics like ‘Sit’ and ‘Lay’ and to have some socialization and advice. This class has a bit of agility, obedience and socialization but all the puppies are at different stages so we get taught in different sections and then socialize all together. I hope he enjoys it!

Alfie the first time we let him off!

Alfie the first time we let him off!

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Week 4 – 13 weeks old

Hello and welcome back to another round up of the week! To view the other posts click here

This week has been great! Alfie got his final vaccination on Tuesday so he has been able to go for walks all week!
Lets start with Monday…
We had a BBQ on Monday to enjoy the weather! Family and friends came over and Alfie loved it! He loves people so being surrounded by them all day is his version of heaven. When the weather is hot and sunny he gets incredibly tried and will constantly sleep. It’s almost like a sunbathing plan! He’ll go outside for about 10 minutes, then in the shade, then inside, then back to the garden! He did this all day on Monday and played in between. In a way I kind of wanted him to be like the dogs in movies who steal a line of sausages and run off! But that didn’t happen, in fact he never once went for our food.
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Wordless Wednesday – Action shots

Welcome back to this weeks Wordless Wednesday hosted by BlogPaws.
This week I’m going to share with you a few action shots of Alfie!

Look at my ears!

Look at my ears!

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Week 2 – 11 weeks old

Well our second week has come to an end!
On Monday he was in his usual routine; wake up, eat, sleep a bit more, wake up play for an hour, sleep again, wake up, have lunch, sleep, play,sleep, have dinner, play and then biting mode starts. He gets rid of all his teething energy in the evening. It lasts for about 2 hours and, well, lets just say, it’s not fun.
Tuesday came and he did the same. However, this time, in the evening, we decided we would try and give him a treat ball which he could take his energy out on and maybe we would have less time of teething? Here is the video which we posted on our YouTube Channel Continue reading

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – Hello!


Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! Hosted by Two Little Cavaliers

This week I am going to share a picture of Alfie popping up into my photo with a very grumpy face!
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Peanut Butter filled Kong toy

If you ever read my Shopping Trip For Alfie post then you would know that I had bought a Kong toy.
I recently found the filler for the Kong toys and went to my local pet store in search of it. Unfortunately they did not sell it which meant I had to find an alternative. I heard that Peanut Butter was an option so I went and found some!
kong toy and  peanut butter 015
I chose Sun-Pat because it had the least amount of fat out of all the ones in the store. I put a tiny smidge on my finger to test if Alfie liked it and he loved it!
kong toy and  peanut butter 014
I then put a small amount of peanut butter in the toy and froze it in the freezer making it harder to eat.
Alfie loved it and was desperately trying to get the Peanut Butter out for hours! It made a great chew toy and if there are any owners who are looking for a time consuming chew toy; this is an easy home made one! It was great and I definitely recommend it and will be doing it again!
Here are some pictures of Alfie playing with it:
kong toy 020

kong toy 023



Alfie’s HOME!

Yesterday Alfie arrived home! He is PERFECT! We got our puppy pack with all the information and more. Joanna has been the most amazing breeder and I hope we stay in touch.
Alfie wanted a lot of attention and was eager to search around and find out about his new house. He also likes to eat and sleep a lot and is just all round incredibly cute. His first night was never going to be perfect and he whined all night but I managed to sleep through it! Seeing as it is lovely weather today he has been playing outside with all his toys and only now fallen asleep giving me time to write this post!
As always I will update you but I thought I would end this post with some pictures.
Alfie first and second day home 542


Alfie first and second day home 552


Alfie first and second day home 558


Alfie first and second day home 584


Alfie first and second day home 588