Week 5 – 14 weeks

Walks and dogs. That’s what this week has been like! It has been brilliant! From Chihuahua’s to Boxer’s, all kinds of dogs have come to say ‘Hello’
I don’t think I will describe each day just explain interesting things that have happened in the week.

On Tuesday we booked Alfie in for a 6 week Puppy Class course. The one we were in before was a 2 week course at our local vets just to go over some basics like ‘Sit’ and ‘Lay’ and to have some socialization and advice. This class has a bit of agility, obedience and socialization but all the puppies are at different stages so we get taught in different sections and then socialize all together. I hope he enjoys it!

Alfie the first time we let him off!

Alfie the first time we let him off!

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