Friday Shaking

Alfie was very happy that it was Friday! He was shaking with glee…
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Week 2 – 11 weeks old

Well our second week has come to an end!
On Monday he was in his usual routine; wake up, eat, sleep a bit more, wake up play for an hour, sleep again, wake up, have lunch, sleep, play,sleep, have dinner, play and then biting mode starts. He gets rid of all his teething energy in the evening. It lasts for about 2 hours and, well, lets just say, it’s not fun.
Tuesday came and he did the same. However, this time, in the evening, we decided we would try and give him a treat ball which he could take his energy out on and maybe we would have less time of teething? Here is the video which we posted on our YouTube Channel Continue reading

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – Hello!


Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! Hosted by Two Little Cavaliers

This week I am going to share a picture of Alfie popping up into my photo with a very grumpy face!
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Wordless Wednesday – Why do they do this to me?!

Welcome back to this weeks Wordless Wednesday hosted by BlogPaws.
This week, it was raining. Alfie decided that meant he should play outside for hours and get soaked! So when he came inside we dried him off…
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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – Fetch and a week with Alfie


Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop hosted by Two Little Cavaliers.
It’s been a week since we bought Alfie home! It only feels like two days!
We have started to teach him some tricks like sit, fetch, drop etc. His favourite trick is fetch because it means playing! So I thought I would film him playing fetch and bringing it back.
Enjoy, oh and sorry for the awful quality!


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Shopping trip part 1 – Training pads and brushes

Just under 7 weeks until I have a gorgeous little puppy running around my house! To celebrate that fact, guess what I did? I went shopping!

Once again I bought everything from Pets At Home. First are Puppy Pads.

These are Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads. I bought these for £6.99. Click here to buy online.


As you can see they are the ‘New and Improved’ make. They claim it is 100% more absorbent. They also claim that they prevent leaking and run off and have an Odour control. This persuaded me to make the purchase. Joanna said that when we bring the puppies home they will be training pad trained. Meaning that they will know only to do their business on the pads. So if they know this then the pads will get used a lot. So I wanted ones that really did the job and protected the floors.  Let’s hope it works!
From the picture you can also see that there are 14 pads size 21.5″ x 22.5″ / 54cm x 57cm. I only went for the 14 pack because I wasn’t sure how many I would need. However if it does turn out that I need more the store is only down the road so I could just pop in!


As well as offering no leaking or run off, it also offers this whole list; 100% more absorbent, prevents leaking, neutralizes odours, powerful attractant, Anti tracking, quick drying, extended use.

Next I bought a pack of brushes.

These brushes were £8 from Pets At Home . Unfortunately they do not sell this product online.


The packet includes a rubber slicker, comb and flea comb.


Here is the rubber slicker. Each brush has a rubber handle for grip making it easier to hold.

The bristles are wide apart meaning that it wont get caught in knots causing the dog pain but also slitting the knot into pieces making it easier to then comb away.


Here is the flea comb.


This time the bristles are closer together meaning it can detach the fleas when other brushes would miss them.


This is the comb. I am actually quite disappointed by this. It is just a feeble plastic comb which does not feel as though it would last very long. If it got caught by a knot I feel as though it would snap.

Now for the ‘Before use rate’
Training PadsImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! The package says that it is almost a miracle pad! If it lives up to what it says then these pads will be the best thing I have bought so far! They do so much!
Brushes:ImageImageImageImage4 stars! My first ever 4 stars. I am almost disappointed by these brushes. The slicker brush and flea comb feel fine but the comb is just too weak and I don’t have high hopes. The 4 stars are simply for the other 2 brushes which I think will be quite good and get the job done smoothly.

This is part 1 of this shopping trip. Unfortunately the post was getting too long and I felt it would be better to simply split it in two half’s. The post will be up on Thursday!

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – First day home


Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! Hosted by Two Little Cavaliers. This week I am going to share with you some videos of people bringing their puppy home for the first time.

Do you remember the day your bought your new pet home? You loved it and were just too excited! First is a video of a Husky Puppy on its first day home.

Next is a Springer Spaniel on her first day home meeting her older brother.

Here is a 7 week old black Labrador puppy experiencing her first day home

Lastly is a beagle puppy! I couldn’t resist

I hope you enjoyed the videos and found them just as I did!


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