Wordless Wednesday – Famous Dogs


Welcome back to this weeks Wordless Wednesday, hosted by BlogPaws
This week I am going to show you some famous dogs! Hopefully you will know some!

First up is Lassie. You may have seen the Lassie films, in which case you will know who Lassie is! She is a Rough Collie and an amazing ‘actress’/’actor’ there have been more than one Lassie but here is the Wikipedia page of Pal who acted as Lassie in the 1950’s; click here to view.

Pippin is a Tibetan Terrier who stared in the British child programme ‘Come Outside’. He was the lead role in the children’s programme and preformed many tricks that were comical. Unfortunately the series ended in 1997 but the show still shows occasionally.

marley and me

Marley and Me is based on a true story. It started as a book written by John Grogan and was then made into a film. There were multiple dogs who stared in the movie but they are all very talented. You can read more about the film here



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