Week 6 – 15 weeks old

Another week has flown by! Lots of walks, puppy classes and tricks!

First I’ll start with our Puppy Class we attended on Tuesday. It was brilliant! 6 other dogs were there 1 other newbie like us. We started by learning what we had missed last week so we could catch up with the rest of the class. They taught us lay which we had already learnt at Puppy Party so we were already up to the same level as the class. We then each had a go at recall. We used our shaky pot and Alfie came back which was great! There was a TINY little ShiTzu puppy called Water who took all of 5 minutes to come out of her hiding place and finally sprint over to her owner where she hid between her legs. At least we weren’t quite as bad as poor little Water.

We were reunited with Maisy the Black Lab who attended the Puppy Party with us!

We were reunited with Maisy the Black Lab who attended the Puppy Party with us!

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Wordless Wednesday

Welcome back to this weeks Wordless Wednesday bloghop hosted by BlogPaws

This week I am going to share with you this picture of Rolo the chocolate Labrador



I volunteer at a horse stable once or twice every week. Lots of the owners like to bring their dogs down and this little cheeky chap, is Rolo. He loves to help around with the horses and will bring you buckets and hay. Its great to spend the day with animals!

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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – Advert week

Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop thanks to Two Little CavaliersView the official post here. This week I am making; Advert Week. I am going to give you the Andrex adverts. They are so adorable that I couldn’t resist sharing with you! And just because it’s too adorable, here’s the behind the scenes!Now it’s your turn! Share with us all your pet pictures or anything else pet related! Join the BlogHop click here to join and view others