Friday Shaking

Alfie was very happy that it was Friday! He was shaking with glee…
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Pooch Pack has arrived!

Our Pooch Pack arrived this morning! Hurray! It was so exciting!
The label on front of the box was addressed to Alfie which was cute.

This is the box when we first opened it.

This is the box when we first opened it.

It was nicely packaged and nothing had been damaged on the trip down.
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A video for a dull Thursday

Where I live one of the main things we get is rain. Alfie does NOT like the rain. In fact he hates it so much that he will stick his head out the door see that its raining and come back inside. He’ll go out to do his business but then he’ll rub his wet fur all over his bed to dry himself. Fussy dog!
Anyway, Alfie found a ball in the garden. It was a yellow plastic small ball yet just too big to fit in his mouth. This meant that every time Alfie went to put his mouth round it, it would roll away. It was quite amusing to watch! I made a little video on our YouTube Channel
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Peanut Butter filled Kong toy

If you ever read my Shopping Trip For Alfie post then you would know that I had bought a Kong toy.
I recently found the filler for the Kong toys and went to my local pet store in search of it. Unfortunately they did not sell it which meant I had to find an alternative. I heard that Peanut Butter was an option so I went and found some!
kong toy and  peanut butter 015
I chose Sun-Pat because it had the least amount of fat out of all the ones in the store. I put a tiny smidge on my finger to test if Alfie liked it and he loved it!
kong toy and  peanut butter 014
I then put a small amount of peanut butter in the toy and froze it in the freezer making it harder to eat.
Alfie loved it and was desperately trying to get the Peanut Butter out for hours! It made a great chew toy and if there are any owners who are looking for a time consuming chew toy; this is an easy home made one! It was great and I definitely recommend it and will be doing it again!
Here are some pictures of Alfie playing with it:
kong toy 020

kong toy 023