Pooch Pack has arrived!

Our Pooch Pack arrived this morning! Hurray! It was so exciting!
The label on front of the box was addressed to Alfie which was cute.

This is the box when we first opened it.

This is the box when we first opened it.

It was nicely packaged and nothing had been damaged on the trip down.
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Review – Royal Canin Educ Training Treats

When we bought Alfie, he was eating Royal Canin food. Part of the puppy pack was a Royal Canin puppy pack which had information about what ages their food went up to, the benefits of it etc. They also included two packets of Royal Canin Educ Training Treats. This was great as we were never really sure about which treats were best.

Here is the packet and what the treats look like

Here is the packet and what the treats look like

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Review – Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray

Alfie is only a pup so at the moment he is going through teething. He has developed a very strong interest for chewing feet which is very painful and very annoying. We have been trying every tactic from giving him a toy to ignoring him when he wont stop. Nothing worked. So I asked around and I got recommended a product which should stop biting in places you don’t want him to bite.

Here it is!

Here it is!

I got recommended this product. It is the Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray and it is amazing! I got this from Pets at Home for £4 and you can click here to order on their website, you can click here to view the product on the Beaphar website.
As I said before this product is amazing and I will explain just why!
It is basically a very smelly spray. Not harmful to pets or humans and can be used pretty much everywhere. The smell is very strong and you can really smell it all around you but the longer you’re with it, the less you smell it. I heard someone describe the scent as a wasp spray. So that is the downside; the awful smell. But the smell is what makes the dog stop biting. Alfie came for a sniff and then bounded away from the stench and hasn’t even tried to bite my toes since! However this may not work for all dogs… Some dogs can actually be attracted to the smell and taste and making it more of a treat then a punishment.

It is really easy to use, just push the pump down and out comes the miracle!

It is really easy to use, just push the pump down and out comes the miracle!

So now for the rate;
For me personally: 5 stars5 stars!
However this may not work for everyone and the smell is slightly sickening but it has worked so well that I think I can forget that! So I would definitely recommend you give it a try if you are suffering from the same problem I had.


Peanut Butter filled Kong toy

If you ever read my Shopping Trip For Alfie post then you would know that I had bought a Kong toy.
I recently found the filler for the Kong toys and went to my local pet store in search of it. Unfortunately they did not sell it which meant I had to find an alternative. I heard that Peanut Butter was an option so I went and found some!
kong toy and  peanut butter 015
I chose Sun-Pat because it had the least amount of fat out of all the ones in the store. I put a tiny smidge on my finger to test if Alfie liked it and he loved it!
kong toy and  peanut butter 014
I then put a small amount of peanut butter in the toy and froze it in the freezer making it harder to eat.
Alfie loved it and was desperately trying to get the Peanut Butter out for hours! It made a great chew toy and if there are any owners who are looking for a time consuming chew toy; this is an easy home made one! It was great and I definitely recommend it and will be doing it again!
Here are some pictures of Alfie playing with it:
kong toy 020

kong toy 023



Dog Book

I recently found out about an app called Dog Book. It is basically facebook for your dog, very silly but very fun! It’s also free which is an added bonus!
Let me tell you a bit about it;
appThis is the symbol for the app

loadingOnce the app has loaded it will look like this. It will ask you to log in with facebook, unfortunately this is the only way you can sign up but if you are worried about it  posting things on your wall then you could always make a new one.

profileYou will then be asked to set up a profile. You can see that it is basically like facebook. You can set a profile picture and a cover photo and fill out details!

PicturesThere are so many things you can do. You can press each icon on the bar underneath your profile information. The second icon is all your pictures.

FriendsThe third icon is your friends.

check into placesThe fourth icon is where you have checked into. I have gone nowhere at the moment!
To add to these sections press the icons at the top of the screen.

badgesThe last icon is badges you have won. There are challenges you can complete to win these badges!

write status'sYou can write status’s of things your dog may say which makes it the most like facebook! Its so funny reading things people have put!

so much more to do
If you press menu there are so many more things you can do! It is so fun!
If  you do download it feel free to add me! You have to fill in some details like name breed etc
Name: Alfie
Gender: Male
Breed: Beagle
Dog Tag: 10595586
That is all the information it will ask you for.

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I do!