About the blog:
Welcome to Life as Alfie 
This blog is all about a Beagle called Alfie. We do posts all about him and how he has got on in the week. We also do posts on news and reviews on products. Recipes for dog treats are also another kind of post you may see and there are many videos and pictures to look at! Life as Alfie is a blog for pets and hopes to make you happy and maybe say ‘Aww’ a few times!
Life as Alfie was made on January 7th 2013
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About the Author:
My name is Emily
Welcome to my blog!
I started this blog to follow me on my journey. I had waited so long and now was finally the right time to get a dog. I found the right breed and went hunting for the right breeder. This blog was for anyone who wanted follow me as I found the breeder, bought products, had news etc. Now it is to follow me on my journey with Alfie. Join me?

His name is Alfie
He is a friendly, wagging, eating, sleeping and playing beagle!

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