Week 6 – 15 weeks old

Another week has flown by! Lots of walks, puppy classes and tricks!

First I’ll start with our Puppy Class we attended on Tuesday. It was brilliant! 6 other dogs were there 1 other newbie like us. We started by learning what we had missed last week so we could catch up with the rest of the class. They taught us lay which we had already learnt at Puppy Party so we were already up to the same level as the class. We then each had a go at recall. We used our shaky pot and Alfie came back which was great! There was a TINY little ShiTzu puppy called Water who took all of 5 minutes to come out of her hiding place and finally sprint over to her owner where she hid between her legs. At least we weren’t quite as bad as poor little Water.

We were reunited with Maisy the Black Lab who attended the Puppy Party with us!

We were reunited with Maisy the Black Lab who attended the Puppy Party with us!

The Puppy Class gave us homework! In the class we were taught how to ‘Roll-Over’ so our homework was to perfect it. Alfie is getting the hang of it but sometimes gets stranded on his back making him look very funny!

On Wednesday there was a bit of sofa sunbathing;

With a ear flopped over the edge of the sofa...

With an ear flopped over the edge of the sofa…

On Friday we had a TV catastrophe. We had never had a problem with the wires behind the TV as they aren’t easily accessible. However Alfie found a way. If we are all eating dinner he will more often than not do something a little naughty to get out attention. It is usually something like dragging a shoe along the floor. However this time we finished dinner, went to play with him and found him in the middle of the floor chomping on a wire. We immediately took it away from him, very shocked, and went to look which wire he had pulled apart.
Now, there are 9 wires behind our TV. 3 of which have very low voltage. In other words only 3 would not have killed him. Out of pure luck he chose to chomp through one of those 3!

The damage...oh Alfie

The damage…oh Alfie

We have now blocked all the wires off and *touch wood* he will not go for the wires again.

After the TV catastrophe we had some picture taking poses in a mud patch.

"Does this look good"

“Does this look good”

"Now lets take one like this yeah?"

“Now lets take one like this yeah?”

Training update:
Sitting by the road: We wanted to start this so that he would wait until it was safe to cross before he would stand up and walk. This way we could be sure he was safe. For this he is ¾ Complete sometimes he will refuse to sit or sit for 2 seconds then stand up thinking he can cross.
Roll-Over: This was our homework from the Puppy Class. If he is the best in the class he will win a prize! He is √ Complete on this!

Until next week FURiends!


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