Week 5 – 14 weeks

Walks and dogs. That’s what this week has been like! It has been brilliant! From Chihuahua’s to Boxer’s, all kinds of dogs have come to say ‘Hello’
I don’t think I will describe each day just explain interesting things that have happened in the week.

On Tuesday we booked Alfie in for a 6 week Puppy Class course. The one we were in before was a 2 week course at our local vets just to go over some basics like ‘Sit’ and ‘Lay’ and to have some socialization and advice. This class has a bit of agility, obedience and socialization but all the puppies are at different stages so we get taught in different sections and then socialize all together. I hope he enjoys it!

Alfie the first time we let him off!

Alfie the first time we let him off!

We did a lot of walking in fields and letting Alfie off this week. It was terrifying the first time but we found a miracle treat which he loves and he comes back for. I will be doing a review on this product soon.
Another trick we found is a plastic container filled with hard treats and then shake it to call him over.  This is louder than our voices and he will come back even as far as 50 meters.

Lots of friends were made during the week as well. Unfortunately for Alfie no more girlfriends were made!

We did meet Milo though! He is a 10 month old Shi-Tzu mix
This photo was taken from Instagram @lifeasalfie

We are waiting for our PoochPack Box to arrive and a post will go up once it does.

Now for the training update:
We think Alfie is completely trained! CONGRATULATIONS ALFIE
Well apart from the chewing but we’ll put that down to teething! Also a bit of humping has popped up but we’ll see how he gets on next week with that. If we learn anything new at the Puppy Class I will let you know but as for things in the house, he is trained! Hurray!

Until next week!


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