A video for a dull Thursday

Where I live one of the main things we get is rain. Alfie does NOT like the rain. In fact he hates it so much that he will stick his head out the door see that its raining and come back inside. He’ll go out to do his business but then he’ll rub his wet fur all over his bed to dry himself. Fussy dog!
Anyway, Alfie found a ball in the garden. It was a yellow plastic small ball yet just too big to fit in his mouth. This meant that every time Alfie went to put his mouth round it, it would roll away. It was quite amusing to watch! I made a little video on our YouTube Channel


I hope you enjoyed the little (long) video!
Have a nice Thursday and maybe you have nicer weather than us!


6 thoughts on “A video for a dull Thursday

  1. Aw, what a cute video of the long awaited Alfie! I just can’t get over how fast he’s growing!! Such a cutie!!

  2. When I was a puppy there was no way you were going to get me out in the rain either Alfie. Beagles as pups just do not like getting their precious paws wet! Cute Video too!
    Hope we get some sun soon!

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