R.I.P Toys!

Alfie is a murderer. A series of toys have died recently.
With Alfie going through serious teething at 3 months he has managed to rip some toys to shreds. You can tell his teeth are really aching as it is not a playful bite but a really-squashing-down-on-the-growing-teeth bite!
Any advice on teething is welcome and would be greatly appreciated!

The criminal himself

The criminal himself

As a silly little post I would like to say a farewell to the toys who have recently left us…

First off is Derek the long-necked Monkey. He was ripped open down the back and all of his stuffing fell out…

Alfie in action!

Alfie in action!

Goodbye Derek.

Next was the soft colorful ball which we have named ‘Stanley’
His stuffing was ripped out and now Alfie plays with the material as a sort of snuggle blanket.

The remains... Sorry about the awful quality of this picture

The remains…
Sorry about the awful quality of this picture

Lastly and certainly not least is Mike the Moose who’s shriveled body was strewn on the floor this morning
We found his stuffing laid on the floor beside him

Shaking him around!

Shaking him around!

So farewell to all of his beloved toys.
As I said before this was just a silly little post but advice for teething is definitely needed!
Enjoy you’re day!
Until next time…


9 thoughts on “R.I.P Toys!

  1. Oh, Alfie, it’s hard to believe that a puppy who looks as sweet as you could do that to his toys! My mommy recently saw a tweet from a teething puppy who said his mom had given him a frozen sock to chew on. Maybe that would work. When I was teething, I tended to chew on my mommy’s hands, which wasn’t the best option!

  2. Our baby girl Cali only had hard rubber toys when she was a baby . .but she later learned not to destroy her soft toys!! It’s so hard not to tear them up when you are a baby!!

  3. Shiner is also a professional toy de-stuffer! Good work Alfie! There are so many types of toys out there. Maybe you can find some soft rubbery chews like KONGs or maybe a rope toy?

  4. A couple of top tips:
    Offer plenty of suitable safe chewing toys for Alfie to take away his frustration on.
    If he is found chewing something he shouldn’t such as furniture remove him from the item and offer a toy instead – Rope and Kong toys are good to knaw on.

    Some people put toys in the freezer if they are cold/frozen they help ease painful gums.

    Keep your puppy occupied through play and walks to help take his mind off it.

    Otherwise it’s a case of just getting through it, and deading toys is fun and I haven’t grown out of it! Have fun

  5. My humans gave me kongs stuffed with treats and rawhides to chew on when I was teething…. those rubber kongs work like a charm and is super durable! Keeps me occupied and takes my mind off chewing other stuff 🙂

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