Week 4 – 13 weeks old

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This week has been great! Alfie got his final vaccination on Tuesday so he has been able to go for walks all week!
Lets start with Monday…
We had a BBQ on Monday to enjoy the weather! Family and friends came over and Alfie loved it! He loves people so being surrounded by them all day is his version of heaven. When the weather is hot and sunny he gets incredibly tried and will constantly sleep. It’s almost like a sunbathing plan! He’ll go outside for about 10 minutes, then in the shade, then inside, then back to the garden! He did this all day on Monday and played in between. In a way I kind of wanted him to be like the dogs in movies who steal a line of sausages and run off! But that didn’t happen, in fact he never once went for our food.

On Tuesday, as I said before, he had his final vaccination. He loves the vet thanks to the Puppy Party held there so he was perfect and sat nicely occasionally sniffing a bum! After the vaccination he was sleepy and quiet all day as the vet said he would be. In the evening we had his last Puppy Party as it was only a 2 week course. He got to meet with his “girlfriend” Maisy the Lab and they loved seeing each other again!

Puppy play time! Little Lucie is all on her own at the back!

Puppy play time! Little Lucie is all on her own at the back!

We talked about how our week had been and it was great to know what everyone else was going through. Alfie has started to get humpy…If he gets too excited he’ll hump your arm or leg. The worst part is when you push him off and say ‘NO’ and he carries on humping the air! Towards the end of the week it had started to calm down but it still happens! Any of you have tips on how to get it out of him?

Anyway, on Wednesday Alfie had his first walk! He was great on the lead yet kept switching sides which got slightly annoying! I wont show any pictures as I have some better ones of our walks this weekend.
We started on ‘Lay’ using the technique we had learnt at the Puppy Party. He’s getting the hang of it now but if it’s sunny getting up again takes a long time…

"I'll...I'll, just stay here"

“I’ll…I’ll, just stay here”

On Thursday we went for a slightly longer walk than Wednesday. We bumped into about 10 dogs all except one wanted to play! There was a few Labs, a Poodle, a Sheltie, some Terriers. All the people adored Alfie one even said she hadn’t seen a Beagle for 40 years but she loved them!

I shall name Friday ‘Sofa Day’. Alfie can finally jump to make the sofa. However he will only sleep on one and brings all his toys onto it. Sort of claiming it as his. Apart from his walks, he barely moved all day!

Oh Hello! Errr yes, this is my sofa now.

Oh Hello! Errr yes, this is my sofa now.

On Saturday we went for a nice walk in the woods and the fields however it rained the whole way and Alfie was a little shocked.

"Oh no! What is this wet stuff?! But Mum, you do realize I am going to jump right into this mud puddle in a minute?"

“Oh no! What is this wet stuff?! But Mum, you do realize I am going to jump right into this mud puddle in a minute?”

As the quote says in the picture, he jumped right in that mud puddle and every one after! At the end of the walk he had no white on him!

Today – Sunday – we went to a Country Park. I know I don’t usually post about Sundays but I have some pictures which are too cute!
Alfie seems to have forgotten about his Lab “Girlfriend” Maisy and moved on today. He has found a new love called Rosie who was a 10 month old Cocker Spaniel! He goes for the older girls!
Rosie was gorgeous though and the owners said they would happily meet up with us again the next time we came!
Here are the pictures:

Now for the training:

Recall: ¼ Complete He is Complete inside but outside on our walks he will come 1/10 times! Oh dear! We have to let him off soon because you have to do it early. I am so worried but I have come up with a plan! That 1 time he comes over is usually always when there is nobody around so there is nothing to distract him. That first time we let him off is going to be when there is nobody around.
Lay: √ Complete! He is great at this after that one lesson in puppy class!

See you all back here next week!


3 thoughts on “Week 4 – 13 weeks old

  1. Aww, don’t worry about the recall….. I’m still working on my recall too! Beagles are easily distracted and we follow our nosy little noses! It does help a lot when my humans have cheese or a big fat juicy sausage in their hands 😀

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