Pooch Pack

Many of you have probably heard of BarkBox. For those of you who don’t know, it is a monthly subscription box filled with all kinds of doggie goodies! However living in the UK means that I can’t get a BarkBox so I looked for an alternative!
I found Pooch Pack they are almost identical to BarkBox but based in the UK meaning I can subscribe to one! Hurray!

First off here is a little bit more about Pooch Pack and how it works:
PoochPack is a UK based monthly subscription box for dogs. Every month on the 15th they send out a box full of goodies such as treats and toys.

This was the March box. you can see the general sort of things you would get

This was the March box. you can see the general sort of things you would get

Each box has a theme so for the picture above the theme was Easter hence the giant yellow egg! The service works by subscription. You can choose from 3 plans. Monthly, 3 month plan or 6 month plan. You then have to fill in a few details about your dog like his weight, age and birthday so they can find toys that would suit him/her.

What did I do and what I will do next!
I chose the 3 month subscription plan which is £18.95 per month. That may sound expensive but think of it this way. You are getting 6 products for just under £19!

This was the February box. The them was 'Valentine'

This was the February box. The them was ‘Valentine’

A few weeks after I receive the box I am going to do a review of each of the products and tell you about them. I thought this would be fun but tell me what you think! I’d love to know since you will be the ones reading!
I’m really looking forward to the box so lets hope Alfie enjoys it!

Oh and just to say, Pooch Pack have a blog which you can check out here

I thought I would end the post with a picture of Alfie as I know some of you enjoy them!


6 thoughts on “Pooch Pack

  1. We tried Barkbox, when we had a deal for 6 months, that worked out to be about $10 a box. The regular price us around $20 a box. The collies enjoyed it, but with 5 of them, it required a lot of “sharing.”

    Hope your little guy enjoys it! 🙂

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