Week 3 – 12 weeks old

This week has been a very socialized week and a great week for training!
On Monday Alfie sunbathed pretty much all day! He then livened up in the evening and we played a few games of fetch before he zonked out for the night.
Tuesday came and Alfie did the same however this time at 7:30 we had a Puppy Party to go to! This is basically a Puppy Class held at our local vets for puppys who have only had their first vaccination. 2 other dogs attended and Alfie loved it! There was a 9 week old Black Lab who was the same size as Alfie. Then there was a mix who was half the size of Alfie yet the same age! The mix was black and looked a lot like a shrunken Labrador! Alfie took a bit of a liking to the 9 week Lab and they spent the whole party together!

Here are all the pups getting to know each other! (The vet had hold of Alfie's lead)

Here are all the pups getting to know each other! (The vet had hold of Alfie’s lead)

At the party they went through how to train your pup to sit (Alfie already knew this but we did it anyway!) they also brought the pups into the examination room to have a check over and make sure they knew that the vets weren’t scary! They also weighed Alfie – he is now 6kg which is the perfect weight for a Beagle of his age. Finally we attempted recall… I thought it would go terribly but I was pleasantly surprised when he came bounding back to his name! Both of the other pups had an accident inside but Alfie waited until we were outside to do his business! Well done Alfie!  After the party he slept the whole night; a bit of peace and quiet!
Wednesday was another sunbathing day but we managed to do a bit more training! Alfie is now, I’m happy to say, house trained! HURRAY! Wednesday evening we had a friend come over with her Border Collie!

This is Benjy the Border Collie!

This is Benjy the Border Collie!

Benjy is 7 years old and didn’t really want to play with Alfie. This made Alfie incredibly stroppy and for the first half an hour of him being there Alfie barked and howled while running past him desperately trying to get him to play! In the end Benjy gave in and they spent ages chasing each other round the garden and playing with toys!

Having a little rest

Having a little rest

On Thursday we started more recall training which he was improving at! At this point in the week he would at least start to head towards you until he got distracted and would go off in a completely different direction!
On Friday we had a few people come round to visit and Alfie loved it as usual! He would be no use as a guard dog as he would just play with the robber as he stole our stuff!

Saturday was like every other day; sunbathing during the day, playing in the night. I promise these posts will get more interesting as soon as we can take him out for walks!
I’ll give you a round up of training like I did on the last post!
House Training: √ Complete! No accidents this week and he barks at the door until we open it!
Stay: √ Complete!
 He is great at this however sometimes when we put our hand out and say ‘Stay’ he will give us his paw instead…
Paw: √ Complete! As I said in the last trick, he will even put his paw up when we say ‘Stay’!
Recall/Coming to his name: √ Complete in the house ¾ Complete outside! He gets too distracted!
Lay: ¼ Complete! He is not very good at this at all and I think he will need a little more help getting this one complete! Luckily we are doing this in the next Puppy Party!
Those are all the tricks we can do at home however on Tuesday he has his 2nd vaccination and will be able to go for walks! Hurray! Then we will start training on the lead and we will have much more exciting posts for you!


3 thoughts on “Week 3 – 12 weeks old

  1. Wow you guys have sure been busy! Glad you’re socializing Alfie early! Your such a pawsome mom! Loved the photos too!

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