Week 2 – 11 weeks old

Well our second week has come to an end!
On Monday he was in his usual routine; wake up, eat, sleep a bit more, wake up play for an hour, sleep again, wake up, have lunch, sleep, play,sleep, have dinner, play and then biting mode starts. He gets rid of all his teething energy in the evening. It lasts for about 2 hours and, well, lets just say, it’s not fun.
Tuesday came and he did the same. However, this time, in the evening, we decided we would try and give him a treat ball which he could take his energy out on and maybe we would have less time of teething? Here is the video which we posted on our YouTube Channel:

At the end his got it stuck and went looking for help!

On Wednesday we started a little bit more of training. Before I get into that however, I’ll give you a mid-week training update.
At this point he:
Had had 1 accident in the house and was walking up to the door to be let out and scratching it if it wasn’t opened immediately!
He had completely learned sit.
We were trying 2 more tricks!
So he was doing pretty well! As the last point says “We were trying 2 more tricks” we had started to teach him ‘Paw’ and ‘Stay’. At this point in the week paw was going badly! He would sit but as soon as you say “Paw” he looks at you with a blank expression. ‘Stay’ was going a little better. If you got him to sit and then put a hand in front of his face and said “Stay” and slowly walked back keeping the hand there, 6 times out of 10 he would stay. The other 3 he would bound after you like “Is this a new game?!”

We tried to get him to sit for a picture and he pulled this face..

We tried to get him to sit for a picture and he pulled this face..

On Thursday he was fine; progressing in training and had no accidents. Then Friday came…evil beagle day! His teeth must have been 10x more painful as he would not stop chewing all day! You’d sit on the sofa and he would be at your feet chewing each individual toe! Each of his toys got a battering and they now have holes everywhere. Saturday was no different however and he was still evil! He’s realizing that he shouldn’t chew people which is a step in the right direction. However no people to chew meant he had to find something else other than toys. He started on his crate, then his bed, then his blanket and it continued. Still no teeth have fallen out yet so we have more days of suffering to come!

I wont include today as it is halfway through the day so I don’t know the full story! Instead I’ll give you a final week update on training!
Sit: Complete! 
House training: ¾ complete! We have only had the 1 accident this week so hopefully next week we can say he is house trained!
Stay: ½ complete! We’re slowly but surely getting there!
Paw: ½ complete! He will occasionally lift his paw up for you…
Fetch: √ Complete! This one is his favourite and surprisingly he learnt it without getting a treat as a reward!
Recall/Coming to his name: ½ complete! He definitely knows his name but when he’s out in the garden sniffing or playing, it’s hard to get his attention.
Lay:  × Nowhere near complete. This will be our next trick!


5 thoughts on “Week 2 – 11 weeks old

  1. Sure sounds like you are really off to s fabulous start! I love that tiny face of pure cute!!

  2. Wow Alfie, your really good at learning new tricks fast! I’m still a little challenged on paw and stay!
    Enjoy the chewing…I once ate a sofa when I was 2 years old!

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