Our first week – 10 weeks old

I thought I would start a new section of this blog called ‘Weeks With Alfie’ I will do them every Sunday (I know its Monday today, I’m a little behind..) and they will be about each week with Alfie; what he’s been up to, what he’s learnt etc. So this post is his first week! And he’s done a lot!

I think I will start with the first day seeing as that is the beginning!
Alfie was really eager to explore and sniffed the whole house before doing anything. He ate all his meals and did his first wee and poo outside (yay!) with a little encouragement because it was raining!

He loves this toy! We were given it as a reminder of his litter

He loves this toy! We were given it as a reminder of his litter

He also whined a lot and never wanted us to leave the room. His first night was…noisy. He whined the whole night and kept us awake for most of it!
We woke up to poo in his crate and when we let him out in the garden he did another poo and wee (hurray!). He began to settle in more and whined less. He did have one accident that day and weed inside..on the carpet..in the middle of the lounge. Thanks Alfie!
The third day was a Monday so we managed to get him a vet appointment. He was checked over and they found a slight heart murmur which they said can heal over and is quite common in puppies so hopefully that has no affect on him! He also had his first injection! The breeder did give him one but annoyingly our vets did not do the same brand so we had to start over with injecting to make sure he had complete protection. We signed him up for puppy classes (next Monday) so hopefully he’ll like them and we’ll get a little help on training! We also found that Alfie is great in cars! He whined for about 1 minute and then just sat down and enjoyed the ride peeping his head up every time there was a noise!

We taught Alfie fetch!

We taught Alfie fetch!

When we got back from the vets we began training Alfie! We taught him sit which he can now do perfectly. We also taught him fetch which he is just realizing that he has to bring the toy back to a person not his crate! There is a video of Alfie playing fetch on our YouTube channel you can click here to watch it!
The fourth day Alfie began to chew… His teething took over him and he chewed anything he could get his mouth around! It was like we had a different puppy! On the fifth day we had started to control his chewing more and we had found a technique to stop it. A miracle spray! I did a review on the spray which you can read here.
On the sixth day we took Alfie in the car to a friends house. We wanted him to know that when he went in the car it didn’t mean he was going to the vets because we feared that could make him scared of the car. He was great at the house! He didn’t chew a thing and happily sat and played with them. We also wanted to work on separation so all of us went shopping for about 45 minutes. When we came back he was sat in his crate quite happily, not whining nor any poo! On the 7th and 8th day he was as good as always. Training has improved as well and he is now  sleeping through the whole night without a noise, wee or poo! He is also barking at the door if we are not around to let him out to go wee! However he is not completely trained and sometimes he will sneakily do a wee inside on the paper or a poo in the corner… Still, always time for improvement! It is only his first week! I will leave you with a gallery of pictures!



2 thoughts on “Our first week – 10 weeks old

  1. Sounds like you’re off to a great mom start! He seems like a quick learner too! Yea! Nothing cuter than puppy pix!!!

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