Travel Crate

Seeing as I will be bringing Alfie home in the car and I may drive to places for walks, I thought it best that I bought a travel crate.
I got this crate from Pets at Home for £39.00. It is size ‘Small’ which is 61 x 41 x 48cm. It is soft sided and the grey colour you can see in the picture. Click here to buy online.
Here is the crate from 3 different angles. In the second picture you can see a long pocket which is actually storing some poles which you will need to set up. In the third picture you can see a handle which makes it really easy to carry, much like some kind of brief case or folder.
I thought I would put in a step by step instruction of the set up. So here it is:
Set up

The first step is to undo the plastic buckles on each side
Next lift up the sides like shown in the picture to create…
…this shape!
Then turn it over to open the long pocket I mentioned in the second picture. Inside will be two long poles. Make sure there are grey springs on the end and they are not left in the pocket. This happened to me and I could not put in the poles and had to awkwardly push out the springs.
Unzip the top so you can put the poles in
They simply snap into each other and are sturdy enough to hold the hole crate together.
They should be parallel to each other as shown above
This is the crate once fully assembled
Here is the crate in the boot of my car. I had a bit of a stupid moment and put the crate on its side…so as you can see the bottom of the crate is the side in this picture.
There are three doors, two small and one large. This means you can have it at almost all angles and your dog can still jump in. There are also little clips that you can attach to places in your car to hold the crate in place so it is not flying around at every corner!
I also purchased this rug for the crate. I got it for £5 and it is a black and purple fleece rug. It is huge! I had to fold it quite a few times to fit in the crate but its exactly what I was looking for. Maybe more boyish but exactly what I was looking for! I wanted something he could snuggle into but also get muddy from walks. Click here to order online.
As you can see it fits perfectly into the crate and I hope Alfie likes it!

Now for the before use rate, I am going to combine the Travel Crate and Blanket into one rate because they will both be staying together.
ImageImageImageImageImage 5 stars! The crate has so many aspects to it that I like! The fact that I can clip it to bits in the car to hold in place is perfect seeing as my boot is quite large and the crate looked lost in it. The blanket is so soft and I hope that Alfie agrees!


5 thoughts on “Travel Crate

  1. I had the exact same crate when I lived in NYC and we used it in the car when we traveled. I loved it and would even curl up in it when I was staying at a hotel. Alfie is going to love the blanket too!

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