Meet Alfie!

Today we had out final visit to the pups before collection. This meant that we would finally find out who our Alfie was!

When we walked in the gate Joanna was just saying goodbye to a visitor. All the pups and the other dogs where inside but the visitors dogs (also beagles) were outside. Joanna then came and greeted us and explained that the visitor was actually the owner of the father of the pups!
It was great to meet him and he was a gorgeous friendly beagle! Once they had left Joanna let all the pups out and they came bounding towards us which was the cutest thing! She then blurt out that she was keeping Herman and Clarence and said that Maynard was our pup! Maynard! Cute little gorgeous Maynard! Or should I say Alfie?!

I will leave you with pictures of our gorgeous little Alfie who we will be bringing home on the 13th April! Let the journey begin!


5 thoughts on “Meet Alfie!

  1. I’m so excited for you and Alfie!!! He’s absolutely adorable and I like his little freckles!

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