Review – Royal Canin Educ Training Treats

When we bought Alfie, he was eating Royal Canin food. Part of the puppy pack was a Royal Canin puppy pack which had information about what ages their food went up to, the benefits of it etc. They also included two packets of Royal Canin Educ Training Treats. This was great as we were never really sure about which treats were best.

Here is the packet and what the treats look like

Here is the packet and what the treats look like

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Week 2 – 11 weeks old

Well our second week has come to an end!
On Monday he was in his usual routine; wake up, eat, sleep a bit more, wake up play for an hour, sleep again, wake up, have lunch, sleep, play,sleep, have dinner, play and then biting mode starts. He gets rid of all his teething energy in the evening. It lasts for about 2 hours and, well, lets just say, it’s not fun.
Tuesday came and he did the same. However, this time, in the evening, we decided we would try and give him a treat ball which he could take his energy out on and maybe we would have less time of teething? Here is the video which we posted on our YouTube Channel Continue reading

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – Hello!


Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! Hosted by Two Little Cavaliers

This week I am going to share a picture of Alfie popping up into my photo with a very grumpy face!
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Parsley bone cookies

Here is another recipe this time with Parsley! Parsley makes a dogs breath smell fresh and is also high in vitamins A and C which is great for your little pup!
I found this recipe on Turtlewomen’s blog.

parsley treats
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Wordless Wednesday – Why do they do this to me?!

Welcome back to this weeks Wordless Wednesday hosted by BlogPaws.
This week, it was raining. Alfie decided that meant he should play outside for hours and get soaked! So when he came inside we dried him off…
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Our first week – 10 weeks old

I thought I would start a new section of this blog called ‘Weeks With Alfie’ I will do them every Sunday (I know its Monday today, I’m a little behind..) and they will be about each week with Alfie; what he’s been up to, what he’s learnt etc. So this post is his first week! And he’s done a lot!

I think I will start with the first day seeing as that is the beginning!
Alfie was really eager to explore and sniffed the whole house before doing anything. He ate all his meals and did his first wee and poo outside (yay!) with a little encouragement because it was raining!
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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – Fetch and a week with Alfie


Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop hosted by Two Little Cavaliers.
It’s been a week since we bought Alfie home! It only feels like two days!
We have started to teach him some tricks like sit, fetch, drop etc. His favourite trick is fetch because it means playing! So I thought I would film him playing fetch and bringing it back.
Enjoy, oh and sorry for the awful quality!


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