Toxic New Forest spot – 11 dogs dead

A late news article explained how an area of the New Forest has been revealed as toxic. Some kind of toxin in the earth has been picked up by animals, it is feared. Vets think they have been poisoned through small cuts in their legs or paws. Latchmore Brook in Hampshire, United Kingdom is the site of this disaster.
Latchmore can be seen on this map

The area was used to test bombs in World War II meaning that experiments involving deadly chemicals may be to blame. The water or soil-borne poison may have been distributed by heavy rain in this popular forest area.
Tracey Matherick, 45, from Chard, Somerset experienced the affect on which this toxin causes on dogs. One of her Siberian Huskies came home from a walk in the New Forest with a sore paw. Tracey and her husband did not think anything of it at first.
‘Two days later her whole paw and leg had swollen up’
She took her dog Boo to the vet where she had ‘treatment after treatment’. Tests showed Boo had kidney and liver failure meaning that Tracey was forced to put her down.
Boo’s paw after it became infected.

Tissue samples from the dead dogs have been sent to a US Laboratory, hopefully a cure can be found. The deaths are also being investigated by the Forestry Commission, the Environment Agency and New Forest District Council.

Anyone who does visit the area is advised to wash their dogs’ paws, examine them thoroughly and seek help if there are signs of injury.

Please be careful with your dogs when choosing places for them to walk and let everyone know about this tragedy.


5 thoughts on “Toxic New Forest spot – 11 dogs dead

  1. I just wanted to let you know it is not confined to the area in the article above.
    My daughter’s 2 year old dalmation X had to be put to sleep on Wednesday (3rd April) due to this horrendous illness. He was NEVER walked in the area outlined – he was only walked in the Verelea area – parking in SMugglers Road car park and then taking a circular route via Picket Post. He last walked there Sunday 24th March and received no cuts / wounds etc. On the Wednesday (27th) a lesion appeared on his toe, near the nail bed and 1 week later he suffered renal failure – the vets who he had been with from the Saturday when it became apparent he had not ‘injured’ his paw did everything they could.
    Please let everybody know tow things:
    1) It is not just the area previously publicised.
    2)It does not appear to be an injury – the first sign is the lesions that appear in response to the toxin in the body.
    If anybody would like any further information or knows of somebody who has had to go through this trauma – please let us know.

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