Bed and bone

I still needed a few bits for Alfie; so I went and got some!
As usual I bought all of the products from Pets At Home.

The first item is a hard bed
I got this bed for £9.99. To order online click here.
This bed is made by Do Not Disturb – Sharples Grant. It is a hard, plastic red bed. I wanted something the pup could sleep in inside the crate. With just the vetbed inside I thought the puppy would feel lost so after seeing them in a hard bed the other day, I though it was the best idea to have him snuggled into a little hard bed.
The bed is 50cm wide. They are oval not round so it was a bit of an annoying size to fit in the crate width ways. I now have to have it length ways meaning there is less space in the crate. But it looks snuggly!

Next I bought a bed for inside the hard bed.
I got this bed for £8. To order online click hereOn the website the picture of the bed is upside down to the way I have pictured it.
The bed is incredibly soft! It is a dark blue color, much like the bottom picture. It fits into the hard bed perfectly so I am hoping it will be comfortable to sleep in.
As you can see the bed fits in comfortably and I think it looks cozy.

The last item I bought was a chew toy.
I bought this for £4. Unfortunately they don’t sell this online.
I already have a few chew toys but I wanted to make sure I had enough. Joanna said that the pups will try and chew your fingers which can turn into a really bad habit when they’re older. Not only your fingers but they are teething puppies, they’ll chew everything! She said the only way to stop it is by giving them something more interesting to chew on then the thing they already have their teeth in!
The toy is green rubber with groves and bumps.

Now for the before use rate
Bed: ImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! I wanted a hard bed and this is the exact one that Joanna uses so hopefully it will be an extra comfort in the crate
Pillow for bed: ImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! This is soft and comfortable and I hope the pup thinks so too! Joanna had vetbed instead but I think because it wont have its brothers and sisters to snuggle with too, it will need something extra.
Bone: ImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! Anything besides my sofa or chair leg is good to chew on! Hopefully this is durable and will last constant gnawing.


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