2nd puppy visit!

Today was the day of the second puppy visit.
They have grown so much and they are double the adorableness!
When we walked in they were all running about the garden and they looked so tiny in the grass.
Once again Joanna was so helpful and answered our questions while we played with the puppies. They are now almost 6 weeks old so their personalities are really started to shine through. They are all little chubby sleepy pups but you can tell which is which. Clarence is a little cheeky pup and likes to have a go at all the others. Romona is the smallest and shyest and she’s often bottom of the puppy bundle. The others all have a nice little personality but honestly, I have fallen in love with them all.

Now, which one are we having? Well it is between the 2 Tri-Colours, Herman and Maynard. They are both so adorable and fall asleep in your arms yet play with you on the ground! Joanna wants to keep one for herself so she said once she knows which one she loves we can have the other. We are fine with that!
Now for the pictures!

This is Little Herman peering out the door!
Comfortable there?
Herman again, fast asleep.
Maynard is the little black pup and the tan and white is Clarence

Unfortunately that is all the pictures I can show for privacy reasons.
As always I will keep you updated when I have more news but here is what I know so far:

  • In 2 weeks we will make our final visit where we will find out what puppy we are getting!
  • The next week (3 weeks from now) we will be collecting Alfie!

Wow! Everything is going so quick and its all so exciting!
Keep checking for more updates!


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