Crate – Set up and before use review

A few weeks ago I ordered a crate for Alfie off of a website I found via google. I had found the perfect crate at Pets At Home but it was almost outrageously expensive so I was looking for a cheaper, high quality alternative. The crate I finally ended up purchasing was on a website called Only Dog Cages. The crate was only £20.95! To order/view the crate I ordered click here.

This is the crate when it has been assembled.
It was relatively easy to put up. We did it without following the instructions and it was fine but if you are struggling they do have a leaflet with information and step by step instructions.

Now I am going to give my very own step by step instructions! I will show you pictures of the steps so you can see what I mean.
When you take the crate out of the box it comes like this. This means that it is easy to take away with you as it just folds down
The first step is to lift up the first layer. As the picture shows.
Then lift up the second layer which will be attached to the first. Pop the top out and this should form the shape shown above.
Then lift up the side which will be laying in the middle of the crate.
The side needs to clip under two hooks which are attached to the top. The side itself will have a hook which needs to attach to the front of the “roof”. Sorry this picture doesn’t show this step very clearly!

After doing both sides the crate should now be completed and the doors should open and close easily. This brings me onto another point! The doors are on the side and front so you can have the crate at any angle and the dog should still be able to reach a door. Supposedly.
Once we had finished we put in the rug. So if you have been following the instructions yours should look like this too!
Now my notes on the crate
The doors are meant to slide easily however mine, when unpacked, seemed to have a few loose connections. With some pliers we pushed them close and now the door works smoothly. It was just annoying to have to fix it.
There is a lot of room for the pup to sleep in but when its young it will look so tiny inside! The metal is good quality and everything else looks good!

Now for the before use rate
ImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! For such a cheap crate, it is great quality and I am sure it will be the perfect safe bed for the pup! Let’s hope he thinks so too.


2 thoughts on “Crate – Set up and before use review

  1. Do you have a car seat yet? If not I highly recommend and you have to really watch the video to grasp the concept. It’s the best car seat ever and is super easy to use, you can use it as a dog bed too and Max loves his! I think they are sold out until April but that should say something in itself…maybe you can pre-order. It’s not cheap but it’s sooooo worth it!! Once you buy another one, you’ll see what I mean that this one is awesome!!

  2. We have a very similar crate only Kong brand (and much bigger) for Alma, and we really like it! It’s durable if she moves around, but folds up well for travel, and she really seems to like it.

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