Lead, poop bags and cat treats?

The amount of shopping trips I have done seems ridiculous! I don’t know weather it’s a good thing or a bad thing! Either way it doesn’t stop me.

First product is the lead. If you have read my other posts you will know that I have already purchased a lead. However I still needed to buy an extendable lead. You may have heard that hounds are particularly hard to train and while I am training him to come back when I call, I would like to know he will always be at the end of that lead!

Here is the extendable lead I chose. It was £17.49 from Pets At Home. To order online click here.

I chose the blue lead from Flexi. It is the Comfort Long 2. Basically that means it is size Medium and it is 8m/26ft long. The maximum weight it can hold is 20kg/44lbs. I am hoping this is the right size. I was reading up and they recommend this size but I can’t help thinking it is a little too long. But it gives more space to run if I am having a hard time training him to come back when I call!

For the issue of a long lead, that is easily resolved. If I do feel like he is going too far I can restrict his distance. This picture shows what the lock should look like when locked and unlocked. To lock it you press the large button and while you are holding it you move up the slide above. To unlock you simply press it down again.

This is the clip. It is a simple metal clip looped through the leather. It is stitched in tightly and good quality.

This is the cord. It is a tightly knotted yet thin wire of string. It wouldn’t easily break or come undone but it would be a lot easier than a rope cord. However this does the job fine and thousands of people use these leads every day.

These are the poop bags. I got them for £2.50 from Pets At Home. To buy online click here.

They are the scented bags made by Pets At Home. I chose the Lavender fragrance just so it didn’t smell quite so bad! The packet says about the Lavender fragrance, the handles to tie with and the extra thickness of the bag. You don’t want it splitting and…leaking!

The last item I bought may seem a bit strange. It is some cat treats which I bought for £1.99. To order online click here.

I got the Hi-Life Chicken soft and tender treats.
I know it seems a bit odd to get CAT treats for a DOG but honest, I have an explanation! Joanna told me that beagles are completely food orientated. This means that training them involves a lot of food. A lot of food means more weight making an unhealthy beagle. She said that Cat Treats have less fat in them for a dog so they are healthier to train with. Hopefully pup will like them and training will be a breeze!

Now for the before use rate
Lead: ImageImageImageImageImage 5 stars! This lead looks good quality and exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully Alfie will be able to run around and enjoy himself on this lead!
Poop bags: ImageImageImageImageImage 5 stars! These bags have a scent that will – fingers crossed – hide the smell of poop! That’s pretty much all I was hoping for!
Cat treats: ImageImageImageImageImage 5 stars! These look very similar to what she used so I am hoping that they will be a healthy alternative for dog treats.


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