2nd puppy visit! When, what and Crufts!

With only 37 days left until we bring Alfie home, I thought it was the right time to plan another visit.

The date for this next visit is March 18th. In 2 weeks time. By this day the pups will be almost 6 weeks old! That is 4 weeks older than when we first saw them!
We will be able to find out a lot more about the pups than before. For example we will be able to see the personality of each pup come through and be able to decide which pup would fit our lifestyle. If we want a energetic beagle the personality will start to shine through at 6 weeks, as would a shy beagle. So I think that when we go this time we will be able to narrow down to the maybe top 2 pups that we would love. Joanna also said that she will be there to answer questions and help us if we need it but we will have a lot more time with the pups on our own to really get to know them.

I will keep you updated on everything as always.

I would also like to say Good Luck to everyone who is participating in Crufts this year. I know it started today so it is a bit of a late Good Luck. Seeing as it did start today; a big congratulations to those of you who won! Unfortunately I can not go down to watch but I have found it on TV and am watching every evening!


2 thoughts on “2nd puppy visit! When, what and Crufts!

  1. puppies and Crufts…Oh my! I went to see Crufts and it was awesome, especially the beagles…but if I could of played with 6 week beagle puppies I would do that for sure and watch Crufts on TV.

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