Shopping Trip Part 2 – Bed, toys and bones

This is the second part my of Shopping Trip! To view the first part click here.

First item I have here to show you is a bed.

This is Vet Bed. I bought this from Pets At Home for £14.


As you can see I bought the 26″ X 20″ (66cm X 51cm). They state that it is  ‘Warm, comfortable and safe for your pet. Non-slip rubber backing, ideal for use in cars, crates and  slippery surfaces. Machine washable time after time. Hygenic, non-irritant and non-allergenic.’ For those of you who don’t know, vet bed is a very special type of bed. It soaks water in and does not leave wet patches which the puppy/dog will have to then sleep on. This way the puppy/dog is not sleeping in its own urine and is not uncomfortable.


Vetbed is extremely thick, soft and fluffy. Making it comfy to sleep on. Even I would like to have a lay down!


The whole of the bottom of the bed is covered with lines of rubber.


These lines of rubber are very thick meaning they can hold a lot of water. I am hoping this bed will work as I was recommended it by my breeder.


Next is this bone which I bought for £5 at Pets At Home. I can’t find the exact bone online but this is very similar and for the same price, click here to view.


As you can see it is the Nylabone Puppy Chew bone made for teething puppies


I bought it in Chicken Flavour as I thought it was most appetizing!


It took me a while to figure out what this bone actually is. It is not an edible bone, purely a chew toy. It is made for teething dogs to have a good chew on but the puppy can physically not eat is because the plastic seal is keeping the treat locked in. However the puppy will be able to taste the flavor of the chicken.


Next is this toy which I bought for £4. Click here to buy online.


It is the Rope Tugger by Buttons and Bear. I wanted to get a rope toy because Joanna mentioned that they were excellent toys to get. She said as the rope moves through the dogs mouth and over its teeth it will clean them. She showed me one of her elder dogs teeth and they were pure white. So maybe with some brushing and a little rope tugging I can achieve pearly whites on my pup too!

The rope is in colors yellow, white and brown and they are swirled together tightly so they will not come loose. There is also a plastic white case around the knot meaning that the toy wont break. The case has a Teddy on it and is relatively soft.


The last item I bought was this ball which I got for £5. Click here to order online.


It is a Pets At Home own make. They toy is a tennis ball in a ‘Buddy’ costume so it makes it a bit softer.

Now for the before use rate!
Bed: ImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! Joanna said this mat is amazing and her must have so if she loves it that much hopefully it will be the same for me.
Tugger: ImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! This toy looks good quality and fun to play with! Lets hop the pup thinks so too
Ball: ImageImageImageImageImage 5 stars! I was thinking about using this for games outside so I think this will do the job just fine!


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