First Puppy Visit!

Yesterday at 2pm we traveled down to visit Joanna and her pups! We met all of her dogs and the pups who are the cutest little things! We got to ask her as many questions as we could and she asked us some and answered ours. I for one feel very reassured by her and I hope she trusts us with one of her pups!

What happened, and pictures!

We went through her house in a loop really! First we walked through the gates and there were 2 female beagles in season in the front yard. They were lovely but we didn’t stay out for long as it was freezing weather! We then walked into her ‘Puppy Room’ where mums and their pups stay. Because of the cold weather and the age of the pups and the disaster of the birth; Joanna thought it best that the pups and mum stayed in the lounge with the family so they could be warm and close if anything went wrong. So the ‘Puppy Room’ was empty. Here are some pictures of the pups:


Here is little Clarence with his tongue stuck out!


Here are 7 of them. 2 were being snuggled!


Here is little Dorothy having a group snuggle!

After we went to visit the pups We went into her storage room where she showed us some of the products she uses and the food they like etc. She then showed us the puppy pack we will get when we bring the puppy home and the one we will get next time to help us prepare. We then went outside to visit her other 8 beagles! Here is a picture of them all out in the backyard:


They were great fun!

After our tour all around her house we then went back into the pups room to have one last visit and some more questions.

Where do we go from here?

We have more visits of course! Joanna said that the more visits we have the more socialized the pups get. So she said to come whenever we want but she advised us to come in about 3 weeks as they will be 4 1/2 weeks old so we will start to see their personality’s more. We will then pick our 2 favorites and  she will decide which is perfect for us. Then we visit right up until the day we bring the little fella home!


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