First visit! When and what?

ImageI’m as happy and excited as this dog right here!

Yesterday Joanna contacted me with details of our first visit! All the pups are happy and healthy and growing strong and she said that it was the right time to have our first visit. We will be going down on Thursday (21.2.13) so I will post all about it then.

What will be happening

Because the pups are so young they do not have their eyes open and their ears are still sealed. However by Thursday Joanna thinks that they may have their ears and eyes open but it is not certain. Being this young means that it is hard to tell the personality of each of the pups and even harder to actually choose one. So on Thursday we wont be picking a pup. Joanna wants to ask us a few questions and make sure she is OK with selling us one of her pups. We may ask her some questions and meet the pups for the first time. We can pick 2 favorites based purely on looks and the next time we visit we will get to experience more of the personality and our favorites are likely to change.

I am just so excited that I will finally be meeting my future dog!
Here is a picture of some dogs just as excited as me!


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