Saturday Pet Blogger Hop – Adopt a dog this valentine?

Welcome back to this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! Hosted by Two Little Cavaliers
Since this is Valentines weekend I thought I would make the theme of this bloghop, valentine.

Adopting a dog can save a dogs life. Most of them are abandoned and giving them a caring, loving home can be all that is needed. I would have adopted but unfortunately there were no dogs that were right for me and I think it is unfair to travel hours distance with a dog, bringing it home.

Have a look at this ‘Valentines Parade’ by DogsTrust and see 5 of their dogs up for re-homing.

Were any of those right for you?
If not there is still hundreds more dogs you can look at and visit.  Click here to view their website. They are also in the blogging community! Click here to view their blog!
If adopting is definitely not for you then there is still more you can do! DogsTrust are a charity so they rely on donations to keep them going. They run a service where you can sponsor a dog. You donate just £1 a week which goes to the whole charity but you can also pick a dog which you can get letters, magazines and more from. Click here to read more about their sponsor service.
There are thousands more dog rescue centers in fact there are thousands more animal rescue centers which need donations and help from the public. DogsTrust is just one of them. See what you can do to help!


Now its your turn! Share with us all your pictures, stories, news everything! Click here to add your blog to the bloghop and view others! 


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