Bowl, Mat and Lead

After the news of Alfie’s birth I thought I would start buying bits and bobs that I need. So today I went again to Pets At Home to buy bowls, a mat and a lead.


I got this from Pets At Home for £5 it is a Silicone Placement Matt in brown. To order it online click here. I chose silicone because it is easy to wipe spilled food or water away. Anything that could sock in to carpet or another material, wouldn’t. It would just sit on top allowing you to wipe it away. It is also soft do it would not scratch the floor and leave marks.
The mat is really flexible too. If for any reason you need to fold it up and put it away then it is easy and you do not need to be rummaging around looking for space.


I bought this collar for £7.99 from Pets At Home however if you order online it appears to be £6.99! Click here to save that extra pound! This collar is by Wainwrights which, if you have read my Collar post, you will know is the brand that made the collar I purchased. It bought this one because it is made of rope and will not hurt your hand if you are pulling all the time. It is also less likely to brake as it is thicker and sturdier. This means that it will be worth the money as it will last you longer.

As you can see it is the Wainwright’s 40″ (102cm) rope lead for £7.99


I bought it in brown and as you can see the joins are knotted and then wrapped in leather so it is tighter and less likely to become loose and undo.

ImageThis is the clip to attach the lead to the collar. It is made of metal and looks pretty secure.


The last thing I bought were these two bowls. I got this for £5.99 at Pets At Home click here to order online. They are just 2 metal bowls in a metal stand. I wanted ones with a stand because I didn’t want the dog to be pushing the bowl with its nose constantly and then have to run after it as it flung across the room. Hopefully with the stand the bowls will stay it place and be easier for him to eat.


As you can see the bowls are dishwasher friendly, slip resistant and raised for easier feeding. This makes it easier for me to clean as I rely on my dishwasher heavily! Slip resistant and raised for easier feeding. I was aiming for easier feeding time so if it does what it says then I payed for what I wanted!


Those two pictures where showing the size of the bowls. On the website it says the Approximate Dimensions are: H 7 x W 16.5 x L 34.5cm but this is for the bowls in the stand. I do not have official measurements for bowls themselves but they are size ‘Small’.


Here are the ‘feet’ of the stand. They have a rubber cover meaning that the legs will not scratch the floor/matt.

Now for the ‘Before Use Ratings’ I explained all about this in my post ‘Collar’ but basically I am rating each product before use so when I do reviews on them later I can compare.

Mat: ImageImageImageImageImage 5 STARS! I think this mat will be perfect. It will be soft and not scratch my floor, keep the bowls still, and easy to clean! Just what I need!
Lead: ImageImageImageImageImage 5 stars! For when I want to keep him close this is just what I need. A lead that is soft and comfortable to hold yet tough and will not break.
Bowl: ImageImageImageImageImage5 stars! Wow I am feeling generous today! As I described earlier these bowls tick my checklist for what I wanted them to have.

Lets hope everything lives up to my expectations!


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