The agony of waiting and apology

6th February. That is the date that Alfie was due. I have still heard nothing and at the moment it feels like I could be waiting for years! Joanna said she would only contacts us if something had gone wrong or as soon as the puppies have been born. I have heard nothing as of yet which means neither of those options have happened. In other words the puppies have not been born. All I can do is hope all goes well but I also hope it happens soon!
Now for the apology. Unfortunately without Alfie’s birth and news on him, I have limited Ideas on new posts. There will of course be the Saturday Blogger Hop and Wordless Wednesday Bloghop which you can read and join in with. I will also be doing reviews on products and ‘What I bought’ posts. But I may not buy much more until I know Alfie is born.

Fingers crossed everything happens soon so I have lots of new posts!

I know its only a short post but I just wanted to update you all.


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