New breeder

If you have read my ‘Sad news…’ post, you will know that pregnant beagle I was going to get Alfie from, had a stillborn. I then said I was on the hunt for new breeders. Maybe it was just luck or pure coincidence but what do you know, I found a breeder! Here name is Joanna and she has a pregnant beagle called Jenna. She said she is guessing that there is 6 puppies in there but she looks like she’s fit to burst and she doesn’t think she’ll last the 4 days that’s left!

Where to go from here:

  1. Joanna will contact me when the puppies are born.
  2. After a week we will go and visit, not to pick but so that Joanna can make sure that she is confident with selling us one of her puppies.
  3. We will then go back possibly that week or the week after. We will then choose our TWO favorite puppies which she will keep note of. She then encourages us to visit as much as we like and our choices may change and finally get narrowed down to 1 favorite which we take home.

However, Joanna herself is hoping to keep a boy from this litter. She already has another family wanting a boy and we will be 2nd on the list. This means that if there are only 2 boys in the litter she will keep one and the other family will have the boy because that is the only fair way to go about it.
My hopes are that she Jenna will be alright and that she will give birth happily and the puppies will be healthy. I also hope that there will be more than 2 boys and that we can finally get the Alfie we have been waiting for!



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