Sad news…

Today has been a very heartbreaking day. Alfie was due on the 29th of January. Today we got the news. Maisy had given birth to 1 puppy, stillborn. Everyone is devastated and trying their hardest to put on a straight face. The vet said they can’t find anything wrong with her and its just one of those things in life.

But I can’t just stop wanting a beagle just because the first breeder I contacted hasn’t all gone swell. I contacted The Beagle Club and they gave me the contact details of a few breeders I might be interested in. I have given them all a call and hopefully they will get back to me with some good news! I am also checking The Kennel Club every day for news or new breeders. At the moment all beagle breeders in my county have puppy’s who are already 8 weeks old and I am looking for one that will be ready in April.

For now, all I can do is hope that everything will go alright and fall into place.



3 thoughts on “Sad news…

  1. Don’t give up! Beagles are the best dogs to have as companions (as I’m sure you know!). There’s one out there who will be so happy to make you happy!

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