Alfie was due to be born on the 29th January 2013. It is now the 30th and he’s still hasn’t arrived! Patience is not my best trait so it is getting quite hard to patiently wait! Because I am so eager for him to be born, I thought I would buy just a little something…

I bought a collar! This collar, I bought from Pets At Home for £7.99. Click here to view the page for this collar and purchase for yourself.


The whole collar.


Here is all the details on the tag. As you can see it is an X Small (10-12″/25-30cm) leather collar by Wainwright’s.


It is brown leather and tough yet soft to the touch. It is tough enough to not break if you were to really tug on it, yet soft enough to not hurt your dog or rub against its neck. The buckle is easy to do up but you have to push quite hard to undo it so the dog could not just catch it somewhere and pull it off.



The collar came with a name tag holder. It looks like a silver tube and when undone it has a small piece of paper which you can fill out contact details onto. So that’s an extra bonus! Even though I am planning to get an engraved name tag so it is easier for people to quickly get my contact details.

Overall I think this collar looks great and I hope it will be just as good to use at it looks! I am planning to do reviews on all the products I do these types of posts on. In the reviews I will rate it out of 5 stars and I want to do a ‘Before use’ rate, so here it is!


5 stars! So far I can’t think of anything that looks like it could be a concern or a problem. It feel soft yet firm which is the texture I was going for. I wanted black but I preferred this color once I saw it. So 5 stars it is! Lets see if it lives up to my expectation!


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