Beagle Freedom Project

This post is something I feel very strongly about.

The Beagle Freedom Project is a project designed to rescue beagles from research labs. They are a team of amazing workers saving beagle lives. These research labs keep dogs in cages where they are tested on every day for things such as makeup or medicine. However these dogs are never free. Most spend their whole lives in these labs and when they are no longer useful, they are killed. This is such a sickening thing and its disgusting to think that somebody actually has the courage to murder innocent dogs. The Beagle Freedom Project will come in and rescue these dogs and re-home them so they can live the rest of their lives, happy.

The most recent rescue mission has been with AstraZeneca. The Beagle Freedom Project have found that they have a breeding facility in Sweden with over 400 beagles. These dogs will spend their lives either breeding or being tortured for medicine. The Beagle Freedom project are hoping to rescue all of these beagles. However, its not all that easy. Emails were sent from AstraZeneca explaining their side of the issue and why the Beagle Freedom project will not be able to rescue the dogs. Here is the reason they gave.

“Because these dogs have been purpose-bred for research, the best solution is to continue to utilise them for research at AstraZeneca facilities and by third parties acting on our behalf.” – Head of Corporate Affairs for AstraZeneca in Sweden, in a letter to the BFP.

However as the Beagle Freedom Project has proved, beagles are very friendly and lovable dogs which adapt well to the life they are given. So by rescuing a beagle and putting it in the normal world; the beagle would not suffer or find it hard to adapt.

Here are two screen grabs from their facebook page explaining what you can do to help.


So if you did not understand by the description on the right of the picture, to help all you have to do is email. Send an email to AstraZeneca to either of these address’s: or explaining why they should let The Beagle Freedom Project save some of the beagles. Another way for you to help is by signing this petition: Save The Beagles. For more information on the matter check out or visit their facebook page



4 thoughts on “Beagle Freedom Project

  1. Thanks for blogging about this project. It’s interesting that research groups aren’t willing to send their dogs to rescue – why not? What’s the problem?

  2. I love your web site! You share some really great information im going to tweet some of this info
    and share with my followers.
    Thanks for all the valuable information.
    Kuddos to you on a Job well done!!!!
    Thanks for posting and sharing with us.

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