My blog’s Mission Statement

I recently found out about Mission Statements. It is a post where you describe what you plan to do with your blog and where you hope it to go. I thought this would be the right time to do one as I have only just started blogging and by reading this you would know my goals.

What I made my blog for

I made this blog purely wanting to follow my journey of getting a dog and then following my life with him. However when I actually started blogging and I read more and more pet blogs and joined community’s I realized that there was so much more I could write about! So now my blog is a number of things! Here is a list of what you can expect to read:

  • Diary following my life with Alfie
  • Hauls writing about products I bought and why I chose them
  • Reviews, sharing what I like and dislike, hopefully helping other owners
  • BlogHops. I find these a great way to find new blogs so I participate in a lot.
  • Questions. Sometimes I may ask you questions and ask for your response
  • Other stuff like news or a charity I am interested in etc.

Long term or short term blog

This blog will definitely be long term. Even when I cannot write I will find someone to continue this blog!

Who I would like to read my blog

There is no particular person I am writing for. I would love for a whole range of people to read my blog and take my advice or be interested in my adventures. But of course having well known bloggers come and read and enjoy would be an achievement!

What I would like to accomplish in the future

I would like to get a large following of people interested in what I was saying and maybe have people get in touch and ask me to review something or want to advertise etc.


Sure! To get paid for doing something I am passionate about would be a dream come true but at the moment that feels like a long way away!


Feel free to use my layout/questions and let me know if you make a Mission Statement too!


2 thoughts on “My blog’s Mission Statement

  1. It’s great to write a mission statement and get your own head around what you’re doing. It’s also great that you’ve gained inspiration from other blogs and that has affected your mission statement.

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