Visiting Day

If you have read my post called ‘The Phone Call’, you will know that I was due to visit the mother and her sisters this weekend. They are the friendliest dogs I have ever met! It was honestly the most joyful hour of my life. The mother is a tan and white Beagle and all her sisters are the traditional Tri-color. You could see the roundness in the mothers belly and in the words of the breeder “Wow girl your tits are huge”. So those where the signs she was pregnant. The breeder said she was also getting the whelping box ready so it all looks bright and cheerful in this journey!

Here are some pictures of some of the pups.


This is Aidalade. She is 8 months old.


The mother is the tan and white one in the middle of the picture. You can sort of see the roundness beginning to grow on her belly. She was sniffing for treats!


“Did someone say treats?!”


“Yes they did!”

Unfortunately those are the only ones I can show due to the owners privacy.
More updates soon!



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