Shopping trip for Alfie!

Ok, I admit, I may have got a little over excited about the fact that I am possibly buying Alfie in 3 months! So I went on a little shopping trip! I will try and find the links to all the products but here are the pictures and description. Oh by the way, all products are from Pets At Home.


This is a puppy chew bone toy. It squeaks and its fluffy and at the ends has knots to chew on. This was £4 from my local Pets At Home store. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it on the website but if you live near a store they will probably sell it there.


Click here to see the website and order for yourself. These are puppy treats in small bone shapes. They come in flavors: beef, chicken and salmon. I bought these for £1.10. I wont say too much as the website pretty much says it all.


Because I couldn’t find the box on the Pets At Home website click here to view the website of the company who make all the products inside. I bought this Puppy Training Kit for Dummies for £16. Here is what was included inside:


Item 1 included in the box


Item 2 included in the box


Item 3 included in the box


Item 4 included in the box

Item 1 was a booklet teaching you how to train your puppy and a checklist to check once you have completed a skill
Item 2 was a long obedience training leash
Item 3 was a pink treats bag that you can fill with treats for when you are going out with your dog
Item 4 was a clicker used for obedience training


Click here to view the product on the Pets At Home website. Click here to view the official Kong website. This is a Kong Puppy Treat Toy. It is made of rubber and comes in different colors. You can put a treat into the hole at the bottom which your dog can try and get out. Its a chew toy with a prize! I bought this for £6.

Those are all of the products I bought for my new beagle in 3 months! I hope you found this interesting and useful!


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